Ralphism is an originally developed world-view or philosophy. It is “unorthodox” in the sense that it was largely not due to academic institutions nor mentorship from big thinkers. The ideas in this school are largely “stimulated” by neurotic suffering which will really make the bearer think and also an overwhelming desire to help people.

The Ralphism Initiative is capable of producing write-ups that are philosophical in nature and is capable of offering tutorials in Philosophy (thou it will deviate from standard dogma’s of philosophers).



Ralphism and the Ralphism Initiative is not a by-product of “will” and “planning” and “goals”. Rather, the two are “spontaneous”, “involuntary” inclination of Ralphie due to his neurotic anxiety and “living inside his head”.

Ralphie (the person), Ralphism (the world-view) and Ralphism Initiative (the group) exists to help people in whatever forms even if the nature of the help has nothing to do with the “philosophical” or “academic”.


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